Teach Your Teen To Drive With GPS

GPS and safe teen drivers

GPS and safe teen driversGlobal Positioning Systems (GPS) have been used widely in all sorts of fields, but they’re really catching on in the auto industry. Of course, it isn’t really the auto manufacturers that are making the most of GPS technology. It’s also insurance companies and parents.

Insurance companies are now offering discounts to drivers who install permanent GPS tracking technology into their vehicles.

Such technology is useful in many ways. One practical way that parents are using the technology is to teach their teenage children to drive safely. By monitoring their teen’s driving habits they can determine if the teen has engaged in any dangerous driving behavior such as exceeding the posted speed limit, sudden braking, or jerks of the steering wheel to avoid a collision.

Knowledge of these bad habits come in handy for parents because they present an opportunity to teach their teenagers safer driving habits. This can lead to saving of lives down the road.

GPS technology comes in many forms. Some are installed directly into the vehicle while others come in the form of smartphone apps. Some are Internet-based. They can usually store data for safe record keeping and later retrieval. And insurance companies are willing to offer lower insurance premiums based on the promise that accidents can be avoided altogether. It makes the road safer for everyone.

I think the time is coming when GPS tracking technology will be automatically included in every vehicle purchase courtesy of your chosen manufacturer.