Synthetic Fuels that Rival Electric But Without the Charing Worries

the future of green transport

While technologies that have increased fuel efficiency have grown by leaps and bounds, they still rely on fossil fuels.  Oil is not a renewable source and, more to the point, it’s become clear that there is a limited supply to support future generations of transportation. 

This has become a rallying call for a handful of scientists and engineers who have made it their mission to solve the problem of oil supply by creating synthetic fuels that can be used for traditional cars, the newest generation of fuel-efficient cars and future of generations of greener, cleaner vehicles.

Fuel for cleaner transportation

German manufacturer Bosch is currently looking for ways to develop a fuel that will create cleaner transportation options that rival electric in terms of low or no emissions but without the concerns about how far we can go without charging a battery.

Focusing on synthetic fuels means engineers could create specific formulas to mimic the fuels we use now.  One can be created to unleaded fuel which a different recipe can be used to create synthetic diesel or kerosene.  Truth be told, if they manage to crack the code, it’s a template that could be used to create clean versions of everything from gasoline to rocket fuel.

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