Roadster Makes Car Buying Easy


A new startup called Roadster is promising to create a better car buying experience for consumers. Roadster is a car buying website and auto broker for new cars. The site proclaims that it will be the most stress-free car buying experience of your life, helping clients get the best market price and terms on their new automobile.

The Roadster Concierge team will handle everything for you. This includes helping to decide on the right car, comparing lease programs to financing programs, negotiating the transaction, and dealing with your trade-in.

Additionally, Roadster offers delivery of your new car to your home or office where they will spend 15 minutes signing the paperwork and walking you through features like how to connect your Bluetooth phone.

How the service works

“Most people don’t like the negotiation experience” of dealing with a car salesperson, he pointed out. To avoid that, Roadster essentially acts as your middleman.

On its website, you select and then configure any make and model, with any accessories. The system lets you know exactly what’s available in its inventory of cars, which consists of the cars on the lots of all the participating dealers. Right now, Roadster is only available in California, but it expects to roll out to other states over the next two years.

Because Roadster only sells new cars, “there’s no issue as to which dealer you’re getting it from,” he said.

Then a “concierge” — an experienced Roadster representative — works out the deal for the car you want with the appropriate dealer. Moss said Roadster’s people know all about rebates, incentives, residuals, interest rates, and those other mysteries that go into a car price. In addition to sales, the marketplace also offers leases.

“Our guys are insiders,” he told me, but “we’re not dealer-centric.”

“We’re consumer-centric.”

What do you think?

Does this seem like a service you will want to take advantage of? Do you believe that a resource like this will enhance your experiencing buying a new vehicle?



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