RelayCars Augmented and Virtual Reality Car Shopping App [VIDEO]

AC ON AIR - Dave Weber, RelayCars - Augmented and Virtual Reality

In this episode of our live weekly webcast we meet with RelayCars Head of Business Development Dave Weber [LinkedIn]. RelayCars is a Virtual Reality automotive experience that puts shoppers in the driver’s seat of hundreds of vehicles. With RelayCars, consumers have the power to choose their vehicle category, year, make, and model from an extensive VR library. There is also an Augmented Reality app.

Weber joined us on International Straw Hat Day, which is why you will see we are both wearing straw hats on the show. There are lots of visuals in this episode of the show so while the podcast is enjoyable you will surely want to view the video recording below.

Enjoy the Conversation

About RelayCars

RelayCars lets shoppers explore vehicles inside and out in full 360° stereoscopic 3D. Detailed showroom experiences feature vehicles ranging from exotics to hybrids, to sedans and full-size trucks.

In addition, there are downloadable experiences featuring American Muscle, Virtual Showroom, and Virtual Test Ride where you can cruise along the coast or zip down the open highway of the American desert.

RelayCars 8 is available now! Version 8 introduces the RelayCars Garage, allowing you to select, save and compare your personally curated selection of vehicles. Saved Search allows you to find the vehicle you are looking for quickly and easily, backed by significant enhancements to performance and stability. RelayCars still has the same great features that helped us become the #1 VR automotive research application.

RelayCars is available FREE for iOS, Google Cardboard for Android, Daydream, Oculus GO, Samsung Gear VR, Microsoft MR and Magic Leap via Magic Leap World.

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