PureCars: Cleaning Up the Used Car Buying Experience

Cartoon snapshot from PureCars video

Shopping for a used car? I can hear the groans already—it’s not always easy. You’re probably wondering how you can:

  • Get the best deal possible
  • Be sure you’re getting a reliable vehicle
  • Find a reputable dealer who will give you the information you need to make a good decision

PureCars wants to answer those questions for you with a little something called the PureCars Value Report. This independent, market-research based report includes:

  • Where the car price falls—below average, average or above average
  • Pre-owned vehicle certification status
  • Accident and ownership history
  • Local market comparison of similar models in nearby locations

Snapshot of a section of PureCars Value Report

The report is integrated with CARFAX, the most trusted provider of vehicle history information. So, you know you’re getting a reliable history and so much more.

When you scroll over certain sections of the report, little tips pop up that can help you make your decision. For example, “Popular Color” is one item that may be on the report. Scroll over it and the pop-up adds:

This vehicle has a popular paint color. Popular color vehicles may offer you more resale value when compared to a similar vehicle painted in an unpopular color.

If the pre-owned car you want is at a participating dealer, you can view and print your report for free. If not, you can buy the report on the PureCars website for $14.95 and take it with you to help make your decision.

PureCars Advantages

The advantage of this site is it’s very easy to use. You don’t have to sift through a lot of unnecessary information to find what you want.

Yes, there are other places you can go online for similar information. But if you know you want a pre-owned car, just go to the PureCars website and you can have valuable decision-making data in your hands in minutes.

Reports are easy to read and they highlight the information you most likely want to see right away.

Check it out for yourself. You may even find it easier to shop at participating PureCars Platinum Dealers. These dealers commit to openly displaying the PureCars Value Report on all their pre-owned vehicles.

Happy Shopping! I hope you’ll find the buying a pre-owned car to be a better experience this time around.