‘Pure Drive’ Vehicles Improve Fuel Efficiency

Nissan "Pure Drive" technology reduces CO2 emissions in gas-powered vehicles.

Nissan "Pure Drive" technology reduces CO2 emissions in gas-powered vehicles.If you want to jump on the green driving bandwagon and take advantage of lower fuel costs on driving without having to invest in an electric or hybrid vehicle, then “Pure Drive” has the solution for you.

“Pure Drive” is a new type of technology that you can install on your current vehicle to improve its fuel economy. The technology has been tested on the vehicles of a rental car company and it works!

The technology reduces the CO2 emissions of a gas-powered automobile to those equal to a hybrid vehicle.

Auto drivers are now paying record highs on gas prices. To lower your fuel costs you’ll have to drive less, which isn’t feasible for most drivers, buy a newer vehicle that uses tested green technology and that means either going with a hybrid vehicle or an electric vehicle. But then you’ll be stuck with recurring payments and finance charges not to mention the purchase of a new vehicle when the economy is at record lows.

“Pure Drive” is a Nissan technology that focuses on reducing carbon emissions so that gas-powered vehicles are cleaner and more efficient.

Will other automakers follow suit and introduce similar technologies for their gas-powered vehicles?