How To Protect Your Company Vehicles from Damage

How To Protect Your Company Vehicles from Damage

Company vehicles are great for transporting items or driving to different locations. However, they’re susceptible to damage from reckless driving and normal wear and tear. Learn how to protect your company vehicles from damage here.

Use Paint Protection Kits

Even if you have insurance, the cost of small repairs on your company vehicles can add up. Therefore, it’s best to use paint protection kits. These kits will protect your vehicle from scratches, scrapes, and rock chips. You can choose from several different kits on the market; for example, the Llumar clear bra is a paint protection option that’s great for vehicles that see a lot of use.

Screen All Your Drivers

Screening all your drivers is imperative. You’re entrusting someone with a valuable asset to your company, and you need to make sure they’re suitable to drive it. A proper screening will allow you to see if they’ve had any past vehicle accidents or shown signs of irresponsible behavior behind the wheel. In addition, it’s essential to use your discretion to decide if someone is fit to drive your company vehicles.

Add Tracking Devices

When you own company vehicles, you’ll want to know their locations. Adding tracking devices will allow you to see exact vehicle locations throughout the day. This will ensure that your drivers are driving to appropriate locations and not using the vehicle for unauthorized purposes. In addition, you can track employee drive times and analyze their performance.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

One of the major culprits of vehicle damage is failure to perform maintenance. You should schedule routine maintenance to ensure your vehicles work properly. Vehicle components such as tires, pumps, switches, and valves eventually wear down, but you can stay up to date on all repairs with regular maintenance.

Install Disable and Unlock Features

It’s important to install a remote disable and unlock feature. You cannot physically stop a vehicle from going outside shift boundaries or deter drivers from stealing the car; fortunately, a disable and unlock system will let you turn off the vehicle and unlock all the doors remotely. This system also comes in handy if you misplace the vehicle keys.

Company vehicles are beneficial for various reasons, whether you’re transporting goods or simply need to drive to different locations. To keep your company vehicles ready for driving, you must protect them. We hope our guide on how to protect your company vehicles from damage was helpful to you.