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Auto Shopper Inbound Phone Experience - Roundtable Discussion Panel

First impressions and customer experience matter to OEMs because the next dealership is only a phone call away for today’s ready-to-purchase tech-savvy customer. So what is the one score brands must pay attention to in order to identify gaps in the dealership sales process to increase profitability and quickest to revenue?

According to a recent study by CallSource – that one score, or metric, is the Inbound Phone Experience Score. And a breakdown in the phone process can cause OEM brands (and dealers) to lose valuable sales and customers.

The Inbound Phone Experience Score

But this “score” is not a single data point. It’s actually a combination of data points: dealership answer rate, connectivity rate, and appointment set rate – all based on inbound phone calls coming into the dealership.

By combining these three data points into a single score or metric, and acting on what they mean, auto retailers can make an immediate impact on sales performance. And this Thursday, we have a panel lined up to talk about these data points, how to measure them, and what to do about them.

The Auto Shopper Inbound Phone Experience

Aired November 2019

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The Data Points and What They Mean

Answer Rate is the percentage that the phone is answered by your dealership in a 24-hour period. Customer expect instant service and if the phone is not answered then the caller will abandon their intention and call another dealer.

Connectivity Rate is the percentage of times a consumer is connected to the right department. This is key for customers to choose your dealership. If a call is directed to the wrong department, the caller is likely to abandon your dealership and call another.

Appointment Set Rate is the percentage of time a hard appointment is set by the dealership with the customer. It is defined as setting a specific date and time for the appointment, and consumers are closer to a purchase decision when they step foot onto the showroom floor.

Inbound Phone Call Data Points

Consumer Touch Point – Inbound Phone Sales Lead

With these consumer touch points defined and how they impact the customer experience, we are then able to identify the reasons why inbound callers – your Inbound Phone Sales Lead who is ready to purchase, hangs up and calls your competitor. The most common reasons typically include…

  • Waiting for Someone To Answer The Phone
  • Not Connecting To the Right Person The First Time
  • Not Committing to a Firm Appointment Time

The good news is that these are the most trackable data points, which means they can be identified and improved upon. And improving your Inbound Phone Experience Score has a direct correlation to positive customer experience.

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