Nissan’s Fully Electric New Mobility Concept

Nissan has developed a new fully electric vehicle with 0 emissions and is in line with their dream of a “sustainable zero-emissions society.”  The Nissan New Mobility Concept is optimum for individuals with short-distance commutes and who travel down traffic-congested roads.

A very small two person vehicle, the Nissan New Mobility Concept is best used in urban areas.  The vehicle will be able to travel 62 miles on a 15-kilowatt electric motor with a top speed of 47 mph.  Although Nissan is also focusing on the Leaf electric car, the New Mobility Concept shows the auto maker’s interest in diversifying the electric market.

Nissan has not provided much information regarding the new electric vehicle, which is similar to Renault’s Twizy and has the maneuverability of a motorcycle.   However, unlike the Leaf, this vehicle is not yet slated for production, and the auto maker has not yet released their full intentions for the vehicle.

In response to questions regarding the new Nissan Mobility Concept, the company stated it is part of their new “comprehensive approach to promote sustainable mobility.”

Nissan’s entrance into the fully-electric vehicle market with the Nissan Leaf and New Mobility Concept may signify a movement toward electric-powered vehicles in the automotive industry.

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