Need EV Roadside Assistance? Meet The Mobile Charger let’s say you’re one of the growing number of electric vehicle consumers who have decided it’s time to go green and you have made your first EV purchase. Now let’s say you’re out on the road and forgot to charge your battery before you left home. Ooops! You didn’t quite make it to the next charging station. Out of energy. What should you do?

Call an emergency roadside service provider with EV support.

But what exactly is electric vehicle support? Well, you hope it’s someone who has a mobile charger so that you can charge your battery and get back on the road again. Lucky for you, there’s a company in Australia that manufactures them.

The mobile charger, whose real name is Lithium Mobile EV Charger, only costs $28,000, which makes it affordable enough for an on-the-go roadside service that wants to be on the cutting edge of consumer technology. And it’s quite helpful. The charger will charge your electric battery well enough to get you to the next charging station in only 10 minutes. The big question is, How much will that 10 minutes of roadside assistance cost you?

The company, called Club Assist, works with AAA in the U.S. and CAA in Canada, so be sure to update your membership to these organizations if you own or drive an electric vehicle.