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In the Age of Digital Retailing, there are many opinions about how to improve the auto shopper experience. Conventional wisdom has thrusted tech companies to create widgets for dealership websites that give shoppers more control of the process, but studies have shown that shoppers remain perplexed. Which leads us to the question: Can the auto shopper experience actually be improved?

One person thinks so – Eric Brown.

Brown is an Automotive Entrepreneur with experience in building high-growth companies in media, internet technology, health care, and automotive verticals. This experience includes building companies from the ground up for angel backed start-ups, and re-engineering acquisitions of international Fortune 100 companies for optimum performance and revenue growth.

In 2009 he founded Dataium, which grew to become the automotive industry’s leader in behavioral data collection and analysis. Brown exited Dataium in 2015 with the sale to publicly traded multinational – IHS.

Conversation with Eric Brown, Founder & CEO of AskOtto.com

Brown believes the auto shopping experience can be improved, and he’s setting out to do it with his latest start-up – AskOtto.com, a play-on-words of sorts, AskOtto has set out to provide consumers an exceptional automotive shopping experience.

AskOtto is consumer-centric, activating users by giving them complete control over what information they provide and what information, including their contact information, is provided to AskOtto dealers.

And to find out more, you will have to tune into my conversation with Eric this Wednesday on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show. Set your YouTube reminder below.

Wednesday September 25th at 2 pm Central (US & Canada)

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