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Lyamen Savy from 321 Ignition on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show

The automotive website business, many would agree, is highly competitive and fast-paced. In fact, in the Websites category of the DrivingSales.com Vendor Ratings section, there are nearly 350 products listed.

Which is why when I hear about new providers entering the space, I am partly amazed. Especially when the “newcomer” is from outside the auto industry. With so many established providers and evolved platforms, how can one believe they can enter into this space competitively?

Conversation with 321 Founder & CEO Lyamen Savy

To help answer this question, we welcome 321 Ignition Founder & CEO Lyamen Savy this week to the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show.

The Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show

Aired January 2020

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About Lyamen Savy

Lyamen is a revenue-driven SaaS marketing executive with 16+ of experience and passion for demand generation, new customer acquisition, account expansion, and awareness. Savy is innovative, strategic and data-informed with a proven record of managing complex global multi-channel marketing programs that consistently exceed corporate business goals and objectives. This includes start-ups, public companies, and M&A experience to boot.

Savy founded her company 321 Ignition in 2018. Visit Lyamen Savy on LinkedIn.

About 321 Ignition

321 Ignition is a website platform for car dealerships, designed to be the “world’s best” car shopping experience on a mobile device.

The company has set out to be the gold standard for customer experience in the automotive industry, no matter how customers interact with dealerships. It’s customer-first obsession is helping dealerships win young customers for life, alas Millennials and Gen Z.

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Walmart expands robotic force to 650 stores

Walmart is enlarging its army of robots that scan shelves for out-of-stock items. The tall but slim Bossa Nova machines, laden with cameras, will roam aisles at a total of 1,000 stores this year to alert employees about items that need restocking. In a day, they accomplish what it takes employees two weeks to do, according to the megachain, which claims that rather than replace jobs, the devices will free workers to perform other tasks. Earlier this month, Walmart said it was deploying “Alphabots” to help fulfill online grocery orders.

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Toyota is building an entire futuristic town around not driving

Called the Woven City, this planned metropolis is designed to be a testbed for future technologies.

Toyota is apparently no longer content making Corollas, Hilux pickups and loads of money, as it’s now planning to build an entire town of its own. Seriously.

Today at CES in Las Vegas, the automaker announced its ambitious new construction project, called the Woven City. Located near Mount Fuji in Japan, this brand-new municipality will occupy the location of a defunct manufacturing plant. The automaker has reclaimed a 175-acre plot of land that, over the next few years, will be transformed into a city of the future.

The goal of this prototype conurbation is to create a living laboratory for the development of future technologies. This encompasses things like self-driving vehicles, robotics, smart homes, personal mobility and more.

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