Merchandising, Personalization, and Optimization in Auto Retail [VIDEO]

Connecting Consumers with Auto Retailers in 2019

How are auto retailers today connecting with auto shoppers? And how are those in the business connecting with these retailers to aid in this process?

According to one article, Amazon Founder and Chief Jeff Bezos is ‘very excited’ about the auto industry. From “Uber-ization to electrification and the connected car” it’s a fascinating industry that Bezos is excited to watch and participate in.

Bezos’ comments provide a glimpse into his interest in the auto industry, which Amazon entered in February through its investments in Rivian and another self-driving tech start-up, Aurora. Investing in autonomous technology could eventually help Amazon offer faster and cheaper delivery, as well as automation in other areas, like its cashier-free grocery stores.

Rivian is best known for its electric trucks and has raised $1.4 billion in funding so far, including $500 million from Ford in April. Aurora, a self-driving tech start-up run by former Uber, Google and Tesla executives, is now reportedly worth more than $2 billion following its $530 million funding round in February.

Connecting with Consumers and Auto Retailers

To talk about this we welcome auto industry veterans Eric Miltsch and James Klaus from Dealer Teamwork. Miltsch is one of the company’s co-founders and the new Director of Marketing. Klaus is Chief Sales Officer. The two are embarking on a quest to enhance the way auto dealers reach and engage with customers, and they also have a fresh take on how to connect with dealers as a B2B company.

15 Automotive Predictions for 2019

For the last 7 years, Eric has published an annual forecast of his predictions for the auto industry. During the show, we talk about a few of his predictions for 2019.

Marketing Automation Will Make Everyone Happier!

Marketing automation will significantly impact the efforts towards creating new opportunities, retaining existing customers and reducing marketing costs. These themes will catch the ear of marketers, operators, and especially CFOs as they look to make smarter financial decisions in 2019.

Electric Vehicle Performance Will Improve

Electric vehicles will continue to get cheaper to build, improve overall quality and drivetrains will improve. One of the best examples is Audi’s newest flagship EV – the E-tron SUV. This new vehicle is enticing potential owners with the equivalent of ” free gas.” Buy an E-tron, and you’ll get 1,000 kilowatts of free charging courtesy of Electrify America’s network. That’s about 10 free charges or a few months of free fill-ups.

Mentally Promoting Extreme Working Hours Will Run Its Course

This prediction takes the form of a rant on a topic that drives me crazy Everyone, including me, was enthralled with the early darlings of social media and the endless flurry of self-promotional messages.

Yes, I’m talking about the performative messages espoused a’la the Vaynerchucks and Cardones of the world. And no, I’m not taking anything away from or knocking the massive successes achieved by Gary or Grant. Their personas can’t be replicated. They are the result of decades of arduous work, and they rose to the top. I’m referring to those who flout their excessive levels of hustling and grinding. We shall now refer to this as grustling.

“This idea that unless you are suffering, grinding, working every hour of every day, you’re not working hard enough … this is one of the most toxic, dangerous things in tech right now,” – Alexis Ohanian

To see all of Eric’s predictions, read, 15 Automotive Predictions for 2019 on the Dealer Teamwork Blog.

Costco is selling more cars than ever before by offering one key perk (Business Insider)

Costco is selling more cars through its auto program than ever before.

Costco members purchased more than 650,000 cars through the Costco Auto Program in 2018. That’s an increase of more than 25% from 2017, when it sold 520,000 vehicles.

Costco’s auto business has quietly skyrocketed over the past decade. In 2008, the Costco Auto Program sold roughly 200,000 cars.

The retailer plans to continue to grow its vehicle business, Costco Auto Program said in a statement. Costco plans to offer several promotions and member-only incentives in 2019, as well as increase its employee base of more than 300 workers.

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