Mercedes-Benz’s New Send2Benz App

Mercedes-Benz has introduced a new program that allows easier access to locations through the use of the vehicle navigation system.  Known as Send2Benz, the interactive program is easy to use and utilizes a number of features to find and remotely send new locations to the nav system in Mercedes vehicles.

Features include:

  • mbrace Mobile Application:  A mobile phone app that allows users to send their current location, enter a known address from contacts, search for points of interest, or request a friend’s location by using the Drive2Friend feature.
  • mbrace Browser Toolbar Widget:  An internet browser toolbar that allows users to highlight addresses on a website and send them to their vehicle’s navigation system.
  • Search and Send:  An option that allows users to utilize Google Maps to send locations to their Mercedes nav system.


It seems that every automaker is jumping on the application bandwagon these days, which is a good thing.  These applications are being utilized for a number of owner-friendly reasons, including new and used car-buying, remote vehicle access, and mapping.  The Send2Benz application is not only user-friendly, but extremely convenient and time-saving, and the numerous features allow for a variety of information entry methods that will each be useful at given times.

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