🎙 Mapless Autonomous Driving – Conversation with Adham Ghazali, Founder & CEO of Imagry

Mapless Autonomous Driving Conversation with Adham Ghazali from Imagry

Right now, the customary way to fully operate autonomous vehicles is to use HD mapping that requires a strong connection to satellite GPS and continuous effort to update the map. But can autonomous driving can be done without the need for this costly and time-consuming technology?

The answer is, yes! It’s called mapless autonomous driving.

Mapless Autonomous Driving

Israeli tech startup Imagry is building the world’s first mapless autonomous driving platform. The approach fundamentally transforms autonomous mobility from research to commercialization by pushing the limits of Computer Vision and AI.

Imagry uses a highly intelligent, vision-based approach that doesn’t require HD mapping, allowing the market for autonomous vehicles to scale and commercialize more rapidly at less cost.

Conversation with Imagry Founder & CEO – Adham Ghazali

And to discuss we welcome Adham Ghazali, Founder & CEO of Imagry. Ghazali is a deep-learning entrepreneur, engineer, and inventor who has invented and applied several learning techniques to a large spectrum of problems, including computer vision, brain-computer interfacing, EMG motor signal analysis. Currently, Ghazali is building the Large Scale Platform for image and video classification.

Wednesday September 4th at 2 pm Central (US & Canada)

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