Location-Based Safe Teen Driving

location-based teen safe drivingMay has been declared National Youth Traffic Safety Month. One company in Irvine, California is partnering with a Dallas-Fort Worth TV station to bring awareness to safe teen driving practices.

Location Based Technologies is a GPS services provider. In conjunction with NBC 5, a TV station in DFW, the company is making public safety announcements and providing safe driving tips throughout the North Texas region.

“We believe that teen driving and safety are very important, and we are committed to helping parents stay connected and monitor their teen driver wherever their vehicle takes them,” said Location Based Technologies CEO Dave Morse.

Location Based Technologies isn’t performing this public safety campaign for strictly altruistic purposes of course. The company is the maker of PocketFinder Vehicle Locator, a GPS product that can help parents locate their children and pets, and more specifically to monitor their teen’s driving habits.

Through the app parents can track and supervise their teen’s driving from Web-enabled devices.

Parents can also set speed limits using Pocketfinder and establish zones where the device automatically sends alerts when their teen is leaving or arriving a certain area.

The Pocketfinder is about the size of a deck of cards and connects to the vehicle’s battery. This allows parents to pinpoint the vehicle on a map using GPS technology. Teen safe driving is one of the most important obligations a parent has toward their sons and daughters. Modern technology is making it easier.