Key Recent Developments in the Evolution of Automobiles

Toyota Prius Route 66

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It’s quite clear that the automobile industry has transformed a lot in recent years. We’ve had an influx in engineering and technologies that have made a big difference. Cars have evolved and developed to change with the times. First we had electric cars that embraced the power of green living. People are environmentally conscious these days and electric cars filled that gap in the market.

So, let’s have a look at the ways in which the automotive industry has evolved, and what we can expect to see.


When electric cars first emerged on the scene, they made waves. Though they haven’t been embraced on a global scale yet they’ve still had an impact. One of the biggest impacts has been to prompt manufacturers like Tesla into developing the ultimate hybrid cars. These take the technology and eco-friendly nature of electric cars. And they combine them with the style and engineering of existing brand cars. What this gives us is the best of both worlds, and is a reason for the growing success of hybrids.

Autonomous Travel

First we had electric cars, then there were hybrids, and now we have autonomous vehicles. These are also known as driverless cars, and they look set to revolutionise the car industry. Google created the very first self-driving car. And it’s gone on sale across limited markets. There is talk of Apple developing one as well, so we may see that in the future. Driverless cars only existed as a concept twenty years ago. Now they’ve become a reality. And it won’t be long before they become a mass market phenomenon.

Mobile Apps

Perhaps the biggest change we’ve seen in technology is through the use of smartphones. And one area where these have had a huge impact is the car industry. You can now get mobile apps that help you run your car. This would have been unheard of a decade ago. Using apps you can service your car, find parking spaces, and implement safety features. There are so many other apps available too, and new ones keep getting released each year.


Another way in which the industry has evolved is through the use of technology. This is specifically referring to inner car tech. We all like to have gadgets and gizmos to play with in our cars. But how have these developed over the years? Well, we already know about the use of apps in conjunction with our cars. But there are other aspects too. You can now use Bluetooth to sync up entertainment. It’s possible to get Wi-Fi capabilities in a lot of cars now. There are also things like iDrive, voice control and rear-view cameras.

So what of the future? Cars have become much more geared towards disabled people in recent years. Motability options, such as the one’s you can get if you contact RRG Motability have transformed motoring. However, with the current developments and evolutions in vehicles it’s unclear if these newer cars will remain as accessible.

It’s pretty clear that the car industry looks set for further developments in the next few. Technology has had a profound effect on the manufacture and functionality of cars. We can only wait to see the new developments and how they will cause further changes to the way we drive.