Keep Your Lexus in Tip Top Shape – Interior

When you buy yourself a new Lexus car, you want to make sure to keep it in the best condition possible. Sure, there are lots of things you can spend money on to make your Lexus beautiful, including getting frequent Lexus maintenance and repair, but what about the little stuff that everybody forgets? Here are some tips to keeping your Lexus as marvellous on the inside as it is on the outside.

1. Watch where you park.

Any time you can, park in a garage. Of course a garage isn’t always available, so do what you can to minimize UV sunlight and heat damage to your interior by doing your best to park in the shade. On the sunniest of days when there isn’t a bit of shade to be found, do your Lexus a favor and put up a sun shield or car shade. You’ll keep your inside looking new and have a nice cool car to sit in as well.

2011 Lexus GS Interior

2. Clean your inside as well as your outside.

Every time you’re washing your car, make sure that you sponge and vacuum your interior as well. A lot of the particles that seem like just dirt right now can become corrosive over time. Even a few drops of soda can become acidic if left for too long. Deal with it now and it won’t be a problem later.

3. Use floor mats to protect your Lexus’ carpeting.

When you live in an area with variable weather, that comes with snow and rain. Control the impact of slush, mud, salt and water by getting rubber mats, preferably the waffle type ones. Keep an eye on them, though. There’s no point in buying mats to protect your carpet just to leave them there when they wear through. Whether you have rubber or carpet style mats, give them a blast with the hose when you’re washing your car. This will help get rid of dirt particles that will eventually grind holes in the mats and shorten their lifespan.

4. Got little ones? Put towels under car seats.

Baby and toddler seats wreak havoc on your upholstery. Food pieces, liquids and dirt particles get wedged under the seats and accumulate, permanently staining your upholstery. Put a sheet of thick plastic directly onto your seat with a towel over it, and reinstall your child seat according to the instructions to make sure it’s still secure.

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