Intelligent Energy Release Hydrogen-Powered Motorcycle

Intelligent Energy, a company that focuses on creating environmentally friendly energy solutions, has produced a new hydrogen-powered motorcycle.  Lightweight, stylish and eco-friendly, the motorcycle, named the ENV, utilizes hydrogen fuel cells and releases only water and air into the atmosphere.

Intelligent Design, a British company, releases its new fuel cell motorcycle before any major automobile producer.  The stylish design of the vehicle is attributed to Seymourpowell.  The vehicle functions like any other motorcycle on the market, and the hydrogen fuel cell is completely removable and replaceable.

Nick Talbot of Seymourpowerll noted, ‘It has good ground clearance, great off-road suspension travel and a very carefully considered power to weight ratio.  I have ridden motorcycles for years, and, in the process of designing the bike, I have become a convert to fuel cell technology.  The bike is usable, useful and great-looking.  It was important on this project to demonstrate that new technologies don’t have to be wrapped up in a dull product – engaging public imagination and enthusiasm is key.’

Here are the bike’s performance stats:

  • Acceleration 0 – 20 mph in 4.3s (32kph)
  • 0 – 30 mph in 7.3s (48 kph)
  • 0 – 50 mph in 12.1s (80kph)
  • Top speed 50 mph (80kph)
  • (note: ENV has been tested to 50mph – however, with further refinements and redevelopments, this top speed is expected to be exceeded)
  • Range At least 100 miles (160km)
  • Physical
    Bike mass 80 kg (Total mass including CORE)

However, the United States is not a likely location for this motorcycle, because hydrogen is not yet a viable environmental vehicle source, and the U.S. is mostly focused on creating electric eco-friendly vehicles.

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