Is In-Car Technology Safe Or Safety-Inhibiting?

in-car technology and safe driving

in-car technology and safe driving

Auto safety is no laughing matter. Everyone wants driving to be more safe, not less. But for months we’ve heard critics of in-car technology, particularly technology that allows drivers to fiddle with gadgets while they are driving, proclaim that those technologies only serve to be driver distractions. Finally, a member of the auto dealers association has weighed in on the debate.

Frank Romeo is the president of TADA, the Toronto Automobile Dealers Association. He says that in-car technology will lead to automobiles being more safe in the long run.

I agree with most of his arguments. One argument I particularly agree with is that the technology being added to today’s cars will greatly improve over time. Voice-activated controls and touch screen technology will make GPS navigation and audio technology more accessible, more fun to play with, and safer for all drivers on the road.

Romeo is right to point out the major cause of road accidents:

Driver inattention and careless driving are the major causes of road accidents, and I support strategies and/or technologies that will help make our roads and highways safer.

A driver doesn’t need additional technology to present a distraction. Some drivers are distracted by their cigarette smoking, children in the back seat playing, or a billboard on the side of the road. Drivers, not the technology, are responsible for their driving habits.

Nevertheless, certain technologies can serve as distractions as well. That’s why many states are passing laws against texting and talking on the cell phone while driving.

One thing is certain. Auto makers are adding new digital technologies to our vehicles and that’s a good thing. Some of this technology is incredible. And, yes, it will make driving safer and will likely lead to some lives being saved.