How to Know when to Replace Your Lexus’ Brakes

Your Chester Springs Lexus dealer knows the most important safety equipment on your Lexus is your brakes. If your brakes go out, you could wreck your Lexus , be seriously injured, or even die. Listening to your brakes and watching for warning signs that your brakes might be wearing out is the best way to protect yourself in your Lexus vehicle.

Lexus Brakes

There are some noises that can indicate it’s time to get new brakes. If you hear a high-pitched screech when you step on the brakes, it is usually a sign that you need new brake pads. That sound is created by a metal shim, known as the indicator. If you hear this sound regularly, it can mean it’s time to take your Lexus in for new brake pads.

Another sign that you many need new brakes is if your brakes seem to be less responsive than usual. This can mean that you’ve got a leak in your brake fluid. Check under your car when it’s at rest to see if any brake fluid pools.

If you hear a metallic grinding or growling sort of noise when you put on your brakes, it means your pads are likely worn down and your caliper and disc are rubbing together. This is a serious problem, and can mean a more expensive repair.

Finally, if your brake pedal vibrates or pulses, it can indicated that your rotors are warped. This can also mean that your Lexus needs an alignment. Either way, it’s time to get it into the shop.