How To Fix Deep Scratches on Your Car

How To Fix Deep Scratches on Your Car

When it comes to owning a vehicle, accidents happen and minor mishaps frequently occur. Whether you accidently bump into a tree or someone brushes against your vehicle with an exposed key, your car or truck will likely see some scratches in its lifetime. However, there are ways to fix this. Check out these tips on how to fix deep scratches on your car so that you don’t have to ride around with these unwanted decals.

Assess the Damage

Some scratches are so serious that you might need to consider if fixing them is worth the time, cost, and energy. Others are small. Depending on the scratch, consider the possibilities or alternatives. You can fix any basic scratch with a scratch repair kit. There are many products geared toward repairing small or light scratches, and you’ll never notice they were there in the first place. Larger or deeper scratches might require a trip to the local mechanic.

Clean the Area

Before applying scratch remover, first clean around the scratch. Whether you take your car on or off the road, dirt, grime, and dust accumulate on its exterior. Using a microfiber cloth and car soap, remove any dirt and debris; then, dry the area with another cloth or let the car sit in the sun. Once you’ve prepped the area, you’re ready to apply scratch remover.

Apply Scratch Remover

The next step to fixing deep scratches on your car is applying scratch remover. Use a tiny amount on a clean microfiber cloth, and apply it directly on the scratch. Go slowly. Follow the guidelines on your scratch remover kit if the product you’re using has circumstantial instructions. Most products will say to apply in small, tight circles with a fast-rotating motion. Buffing the compound too hard might remove the paint, so be cautious. Use polish to coat the area. You should notice the scratch disappearing.

Paint Over It

If all else fails and the scratch hasn’t gone away completely, touch-up paint can finish the job. Whether you’re driving a brand-new Lexus, Ford F-150, or Toyota Prius, any touch-up paint job can hide or remove unwanted scratches. With many affordable options such as spray paint or paint pens, you’ll have control over the area you paint over. Use a primer to seal the paint and to offer an additional protective coating, and be sure to choose the right paint color that matches the original.