How to Find a Certified Lexus Mechanic

To meet manufacturer requirements, Lexus dealerships must certify all mechanics and must also purchase specific equipment meant exclusively for performing maintenance on Lexus automobiles. Since certified mechanics at Lexus dealerships tend to work primarily on Lexus vehicles, this allows them to become more specialized with repairing Lexus brand vehicles compared with other mechanics at independent garages, including luxury import garages.

According to Tom Torbjornsen of AOL Autos, “Dealers also have access to proprietary information, usually one (1) year’s worth of information on new vehicles they sell and service. This means that no one else can access this information, which is often necessary for diagnosis and repair.”

While it is possible to find quality Lexus mechanics at independent repair shops using the right equipment, it may be difficult to know how to identify them. One way to do this is to look for the Blue Seal of Excellence, an industry certification for independent repair shops offered by the Automotive Service Excellence Organization.

“Customers should check if the repair shop has a blue seal of excellence (offered by Automotive Service Excellence organization.)”

Locating a Qualified Lexus Mechanic and Repair Shop

You can spend hours or days researching dealerships and garages online, getting quotes and estimates before you make an appointment. One hassle you will find is that you must repeatedly give each service provider the same information about your budget and repair needs. Of course we would like to see everyone bring us his or her Lexus car, but we realize that this must be in the best interest or value for you.

Therefore, Lexus of Chester Springs has teamed up with the site to give you a free and easy-to-use way to help you make the best choice for your next vehicle repair, while also giving us a chance to earn your business.

“The best part is, by using the site, you do not have to provide your personal contact information such as name, phone, and email…” features a marketplace system similar to that gives users the ability to connect with dealers and mechanics throughout your local area. By visiting the West Chester market on the site you can register to make a repair request that will send out an email alert to participating dealers and repair shops in the West Chester PA area giving each of us a chance to consider your request and earn your business. The best part is, by using the site, you do not have to provide your personal contact information such as name, phone, and email, because all correspondence is handled on the site. Only once you choose which dealership or repair shop to take your business will you need to provide this information.

So if you want to shop around while giving us a chance, then make your repair request today. Of course, if we have already earned your business then take a moment to schedule a service appointment today from our website. And thanks for giving us a chance.