From the Horseless Age to the Free2Move Mobility App [VIDEO]

Guest John McElroy, Autoline

With car sharing and ride sharing services on the rise, and no every sign pointing to continued growth in supply and demand, Peugeot parent company PSA introduced last year the Free2Move Mobility App in Europe, and now has its sight set on the USA, giving Peugeot a chance to re-enter back into the USA marketplace, although not as a vehicle manufacturer.

With 250,000 customers in Europe and some thirty operators, Free2Move now offers access to car-sharing services in cities across the following seven countries: Germany, Italy, Austria, Sweden, the UK, Spain and France.

In this video, you get a preview of our conversation with Autoline Host John MCelroy, who appeared as a guest on our Live Weekly Broadcast in June 2018, to share his conversation with PSA USA President Larry Dominique earlier that month on his program.

For the complete conversation visit the podcast: ON AIR – From the Horseless Age to Mobility Apps

John created “Autoline Daily,” the industry’s first webcast of industry news and analysis. He is also the host of the television program “Autoline This Week,” an Emmy Award-winning, weekly half-hour discussion program featuring top automotive executives and journalists. And he co-hosts “Autoline After Hours,” a weekly live webcast that focuses on new cars and technology.

During the show we also talk about the disruptive changes affecting auto retailers now more than 100 years into the “horseless age.”

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