Holbert’s Collision Center

What’s Allstate say? Something like, “accidents happen”. Very true statement. I’m not sure if you’re like me or not, but I know that getting my car fixed is something that makes me uneasy. You never know what expenses are going to pop up and you can only pray that the fixes will be done properly. Whenever I move to a new place, I’m always looking for referrals on great service centers. I want to find people I can trust to give me a fair price and to make the proper adjustments to my vehicle in a timely manner. Once I find that service center, I stick with it (as long as I’m be treated up to my expectations) until I relocate.

collision and body repair

Holbert’s Collision Center is a service center you can trust. They offer competitive prices and the work is always done properly. Check out their website to see how long their technicians have been with the company. Another nice perk is that they offer 24 hour towing and will provide you with a free estimate before starting any work. If you have an Audi, Holbert’s Collision Center is the only Audi dealer in the tri-state area authorized by Audi to perform aluminum repairs.

If you’re new to the Doylestown-Warrington, PA area, ask around about Holbert’s Collision Center. Once you hear what others think about them, I’m sure you’ll want to give them a call the next time your vehicle needs repair. A good place to start asking about the Collision Center is on the Holbert Motor Cars Facebook Page. Once you’re convinced that the Holbert’s Collision Center is right for you, sign up for their Holbert Motor Cars Insider List to qualify for special discounts that you can apply to servicing your vehicle at Holbert’s Collision Center.