Global Auto Consumer Behavior Study & Infographic

AdColony Global Car Buying Study and Infographic

Marketers are increasingly looking to understand consumer decision making in the auto industry. From online behavior, device usage, in-store visits, etc., what motivates shoppers, and what deters them? To that end, mobile video advertising platform AdColony has conducted a global auto consumer behavior study examining car shopping behavior.

For the study, a survey was distributed globally that asked consumers about car shopping behavior, dealership visits, device usage, and ad engagement. The survey garnered over 600 responses, with participants ranging from 18 years old to over 75.


Global Auto Consumer Behavior Key Findings

A few key findings from that resulted from the survey include:

  • About 60% of car shoppers are between 18 and 54 years old
  • Both men and women take part in car shopping
  • Consumers tend to purchase or lease cars for themselves, rather than for others
  • Majority of consumers tend to buy new cars, although a large portion still searches for used cars

Device Usage

  • Out of all their devices, consumers use smartphones the most during the car-buying process
  • Majority of consumers say it is very important or important to have their smartphones with them while shopping for a car

Dealership Visits

  • Almost 60% of consumers are very likely or likely to visit a dealership after researching cars online

Ad Engagement

  • 61% of consumers consider relevant auto ads when shopping for a car
  • 54% of consumers have previously clicked on an auto ad when shopping for a car online
  • 41% of consumers are very likely or likely to click on an auto ad during the overall car-buying process
  • An overwhelming large majority of consumers (70%) would consider watching and/or interacting with a video on a mobile device to explore models and features

What influences consumers to consider one brand over another?

Auto shoppers leave a lot of footprints. And these footprints, which you can get a glimpse of in this infographic, can be telling. The more we can understand about this consumer behavior, then the better we can tailor the shopping experience.

From online reviews, proximity, and brand image, what makes consumers more likely to consider one brand or model over another? To find out, download the survey findings in this PDF. And thank you to AdColony for contributing this information.

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