Gen Y Wants Hybrids With Super Technology

Generation Y hybrid automobile technologyWhat kind of vehicles do Generation Y auto buyers want? According to the LA Times, they want hybrid vehicles packed with technology.

Generation Y is the name given to people age 18 to 31. These younger consumers have a distinction that older automobile buyers don’t have. First, they are more environmentally conscious so they are concerned with how their driving habits affect the environment. They are more likely to be concerned with limiting their carbon footprint.

The second thing Gen Y auto buyers are concerned about is high technology. They want their automobiles to be as smart as their mobile phones.

While this presents a unique challenge to auto makers, it’s not a huge challenge. Recent technology makes both of these buying habits easier to market to.

Of course, one of the big innovators in both hybrid technology and smart in-dash technologies is the Ford Motor Co.

The Ford Fusion is a late model hybrid due to be rolled out later this year. Ford is hoping that Gen Y buyers will like it enough to take it for a test drive.

Some of the high tech in-dash toys Generation Y auto buyers like to play with include touch screens and smartphone apps. And Gen Y buyers also want to be able to buy upgrades for their auto technologies the same way they want to upgrade their smartphones.

If you fall into the Generation Y category and you are looking for a vehicle that meets your specifications, stay tuned. Auto makers are working fast to meet these demands.