The First Flying Car Hits The Market

Terrafugia Transition flying carRemember George Jetson? How we marveled over the fact that his car could fly? And we wanted one too.

Well, now you can have your very own flying car. If you have the money and a pilot’s license.

The Terrafugia Transition seats two passengers and was built by trained engineers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. If you have the license to fly, then your flying car can take off from as many as 5,000 public airfields across the U.S.

It’s a shame it can’t just take off from the road you’re on so you can get out of having to stop at that traffic light. But it is a flying vehicle, after all. Therefore, you need the proper license and still must follow the rules of other flying vehicles. But when it’s not flying, it’s still just a car. Road rules then apply.

The flying vehicle cost early adopters a whopping $279,000. That’s still cheaper than a lot of airplanes and more expensive than most cars.

But if you’ve got the money to burn and you want to be the first guy, or gal, on your block to be able to fly your own car to the next company board meeting, then why not?

The Transition is going to be showcased in New York soon at the International Auto Show. A special offer is being made to anyone interested that will cost them $2,500 for a reservation fee (initial reservationists paid $10,000). Terrafugia’s CEO and founder, Carl Dietrich, is hoping to sell 500 vehicles per year. And we think that would just just be grand.