Enterprise to Offer Chevy Volt Rentals

Enterprise announced last week that it will be featuring Chevy Volts in its line of rental vehicles.  Hoping to entice buyers interested in the new Volt and electric vehicle (EV) technology, Enterprise Rent-A-Car will offer these vehicles in late January 2011.

Each EV-equipped Enterprise store will have its own charging station, and stations already exist at their offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Monico.

According to stated Jeff Morrell, vice president of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, “Purchase demand for electric vehicles has been impressive, and we anticipate similar demand from rental customers.  Making the Volt available will provide an extended test drive for curious customers, for those with cars being serviced and for those interested in possibly purchasing an EV.”

This news represents an intentional investment in clean fuel technology on the part of Enterprise.  Lee Broughton, director of sustainability for Enterprise Holdings, stated, “By embracing new, clean fuel and engine technologies like electric vehicles, Enterprise can help the passenger vehicle remain relevant by giving alternatives a chance to become commercially successful.”

In addition to the new 2011 Chevrolet Volt, Enterprise will offer 500 Nissan Leafs at locations throughout the country.

This news again supports the growing trend towards EVs, and California is leading the way with programs such as its electric taxi incentive.  Despite questionable charge times for the new vehicles, the technology appears to be catching on.

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