Electric Taxis Coming to San Francisco

A new project in the San Francisco bay area hopes to develop electric taxis and charging stations.  The project is breaking automotive news and is led by Better Place, an electric vehicle service provider.

According to Jason Wolf, VP of North America for Better Place, “Today marks a significant milestone in our march towards accelerating the mass adoption of electric cars in the Bay Area. This program will enable us to reach a broad audience and demonstrate a solution that offers drivers a more convenient option than today’s gasoline cars.”

Scheduled to take place over a three year period, the program hopes to see four battery switching stations placed between the San Francisco and San Jose corridor, offering green energy solutions to individuals in these communities.  Because charging an electric battery can take a long time, the stations allow electric vehicle users to switch out their existing battery with a new one.  The company has received a grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Having already created a similar program in Tokyo that was very successful, Better Place hopes to create similar success in the US by leading the way in the electric vehicle revolution.  In six months, electric taxis in Tokyo have traveled over 25,000 miles.

According to Better Place, “Taxis are a high-mileage, high-visibility segment that can serve as the on-ramp for technology transfer to the mass-market.”

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Stacey Jo
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