eBay Motors Now Offers InspectMyRide.com Vehicle Inspections

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“Buying a vehicle is a big decision. While online purchases offer great value, convenience and a wide selection, they come with a certain degree of risk.”

These are the words of Brent Sergot, Vice President and General Manager of DataScan which owns the subsidiary InspectMyRide. DataScan operates an international network of field specialists who provide inspections of leased vehicles at the end of the lease term and report the results to the lessor. InspectMyRide.com offers a service to car buyers to inspect a vehicle you are considering to purchase, and provide you with a detailed report of what they find.

InspectMyRide is an independent, third-party, vehicle-inspection company. The company provides added confidence for both seller and bidder by documenting the condition of the vehicle. Its professionals use the proven methods during a comprehensive, in-person inspection. It also documents the vehicle’s cosmetic imperfections, modifications, and visible damage, and send to you a detailed report, including a variety of quality digital images.

According to a recent press release, InspectMyRide.com and eBay Motors have teamed up to provide online shoppers the opportunity to obtain a comprehensive independent vehicle inspection performed by a qualified professional before the point of sale. Contained within each listing on eBay Motors is an order form for a vehicle inspection, regardless of where in the country it is located. The inspection retails for $129.99.

Within approximately 48 hours of the request, InspectMyRide will contact the vehicle seller and make arrangements to perform the third-party inspection. The purchaser then receives an online comprehensive condition report and high-resolution digital photographs to help the shopper make an informed decision.

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Here is a comprehensive list of what InspectMyRide.com inspects, which was taken from their website:

Digital photo package

  • At least 20+ quality digital photos showing highlights of the vehicle’s condition

Mechanical-Related Condition Report

  • Braking system
  • Battery, belts and hoses
  • Fluids
  • Air bags

Test Drive

  • If weather and road conditions permit
  • Note: Road test requires the seller’s permission, proof of vehicle ownership and valid insurance.

Internal Condition Report

  • Electronics
  • Instrument panel
  • Air conditioning
  • Upholstery and carpeting
  • All other internal elements

External Body Condition Report

  • Tires and wheels
  • Equipment
  • Paint flaws, blemishes and damage
  • Body panels
  • All other external portions of the vehicle

In addition to providing the inspection report and digital photos, the buyer is also provided an Experian AutoCheck vehicle history report summary, which lists repair history and other information regarding past ownership.

For more information about these services you can visit InspectMyRide.com or watch their video below.


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