Diagnosing Your Commercial Truck’s Misalignment

One of the forgotten areas of your Ford or Chevrolet commercial truck is the suspension and steering system. We often take this for granted without giving it a second thought until there is a problem. But being in tune with your commercial truck  is ideal so you can spot problems before they turn into major repair bills. If you are noticing that your Ford or Chevy truck wants to pull to one side when you’re driving, here are a few things to check:


•    Your tire pressure – If one tire is underinflated, it could cause your car to pull to one side. Make sure tires on both sides are inflated to the recommended PSI listed on the sidewalls to see if this fixes the problem.

•    The alignment – Many times, a simple truck alignment is needed to stop your commercial truck from pulling to one side. Your truck could become misaligned from hitting a large pothole, uneven tire pressure for a long time or other problems that are left unfixed.

•    Bad steering components – Let’s face it…parts need replacing every so often. If you’re driving around in snow and salt, the parts underneath your car can become corroded, weak or just loose. To have this checked out, bring your car to your commercial truck dealership for a complete checkup and diagnostic.

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