Diagnosing the “Check Engine” Light on Your Ford

check engine lightThe “Check Engine” light on your Ford can be one of the most annoying lights on the dashboard display, but it can also be one of the most important. The light could mean any number of things and not all of those things are necessarily bad. Here are two things you can do to diagnose the “Check Engine” light when it illuminates on your Ford commercial truck.


1. Check the gas cap – Many times, the light will come on if your gas cap is loose. This is because the computers on cars today measure the pressure in your gas tank. If the pressure drops below a certain point, it sets off the sensor which causes your light to come on. Before doing anything else, turn your Ford truck off, tighten the cap, and turn it back on to see if that fixes the problem.

2. Buy a code scanner at your local auto parts store. You can hook a scanner up to your Ford commercial truck and it will give you a code that refers to the reason your “Check Engine” light has come on. You can then look up the code online and determine the problem. If you know how to fix it, that’s great. If not, bring it to your commercial Ford truck dealer for a complete diagnostic and repair.

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