🎙 Used Car Marketing Roundup – Rising Inventories, Auction Trends, Top Model Trends, and more…

Used Car Marketing Roundup - December 2019

According to reports, Dealers are seeing their used vehicle inventories grow as of late. And for independents, this is helping to create a “rosy” outlook.

This was one of several findings in the Q4 2019 Cox Automotive Dealer Sentiment Index released Monday, which among other areas, covered the used-car operations of both franchised and independent dealers.

And what is leading to these rising inventories?

To discuss, we welcome back old and new friends to this month’s Used Car Marketing Roundup.

Aired December 2019

Auction Trends

Stu Zalud from ACV Auctions plans to join and provide us with an update from the auction trends he is seeing. Stu is Director of Strategic Business Development at ACV Auctions, one of the most trusted sources in the industry for purchasing wholesale vehicles.

Used Car Marketplace

New this month to the panel are Eric Miltsch and Laurie Foster. The two join us on the heels of Used Car Week, Cherokee Media’s annual week-long conference for the used car business.

Eric is Co-Founder and Director of Marketing at Dealer Teamwork, a SaaS provide for auto retailers. He led a session about dominating your used car market, inventory management, and building a competitive advantage. Subjects he knows intimately well from his years with Auction Direct USA.

Used Car Managers

Laurie is Founding Partner of Foster Strategies Group, which works with auto retailers to overcome churn by helping to improve retention, increase revenue, and drive future performance. Laurie’s session focused on ways that for used car managers to strengthen and succeed in today’s disrupted marketplace.

Top Model Trends

And rejoining us is Guy Campbell from Marketcheck. Last month Guy shared with us a new report that showed top selling model trends nationally and across a few select regions. This time around Guy will be getting slightly more dialed in on what these trends suggest considering the growing used car inventories that franchise dealers are experiencing.

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