GOFAR – Mileage Tracker, Vehicle Log Book, OBD2 Scanner [VIDEO]

Interview with GOFAR Founder Danny Adams

Your car is a machine. It’s also a computer. As a machine, it saves you time. And it provides a sense of freedom. But this comes at a cost. Are there ways to reduce this cost? One company thinks so – GOFAR.

GOFAR is an award-winning telematics device and mobile app that automates work-related car expenses and saves drivers up to 30% on fuel. It’s an all-in-one mileage tracker, vehicle log book, and OBD2 scanner.

Since 2016, GOFAR-connected cars have logged more than 60 million kilometres in more than 50 countries across 6 continents.


As a computer, drivers have the ability to tap into information about their vehicle (and their driving). Information that can be used to their advantage. This is the whole idea behind the ‘Connected Car.’

With GOFAR, drivers are able to get intuitive real-time feedback to find the most sustainable way to drive your car. Think about that for a moment. Precise sensors constantly calculate the engine’s sweet spot, providing real-time feedback. Instead of letters or images, the device uses subtle lights to warn you. Blue means you’re saving, red means you’re wasting and burning money.

Meet Danny Adams, GOFAR Founder

This is a preview of our conversation with GOFAR Founder Danny Adams. It was recorded in September 2018 on our Live Weekly Broadcast – ON AIR.

You can listen to the complete podcast on the episode titled, ON AIR :: Your Car Speaks. It Pays to Listen.

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