Common Repair Scams

How can you avoid common repair scams? One thing you can do is to ask to look at the repairs for your Audi, Porsche, or VW. Ask the shop to show you what part of the car was worked on, and where the new part is located, if there is one.


Another good practice is to request to see the Audi, Porsche, or VW parts that have been replaced. In many states, repair shops are required to save any parts that were replaced and either give them to you or show them to you at your request.

You should also make sure to get a receipt that details the work that was done to your Audi, Porsche, or VW. That way, if the same part breaks down in a couple of weeks, you have a strong case that shows that the part was supposed to have been replaced.

The best way to avoid auto repair scams is to have your repairs done at your Warrington Audi, Porsche, and VW dealer, where certified mechanics stand behind their quality work.