Checking Your Ford Commercial Truck’s Brake Fluid

Brakes are one of the most important parts of your Ford commercial truck. You use them every time you drive, and they keep you safe on the road by helping you avoid accidents. Caring for your brakes is an important part of regular maintenance on our truck.

Part of caring for your Ford commercial truck brakes is maintaining your brake fluid. Most of today’s trucks have a reservoir of brake fluid that you can see without even having to open up the cap. The brake fluid reservoir will be located toward the back of the engine bay on the driver’s side, up high where it’s easy to access.

After you’ve located the reservoir, you should look to see if there are markings on the side. These markings tell you what level your fluid is at.

Faulkner Ciocca Truck Center - New Ford Service

If your brake fluid is low, it may be time to add some more. Start by cleaning the reservoir area thoroughly, as brake fluid is particularly sensitive to foreign materials collecting in it. When you do remove the cap, you can add fluid. Slowly add the brake fluid until it hits the right marker.

Make sure to recheck your brake fluid after a few days. You want to determine whether there is a leak, and if so you’ll need to get your vehicle looked at right away at a Ford commercial truck dealer.

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