CarZar Mobile App: See. Shoot. Share. Cool Cars on the Street

It’s Mobile App month here at! Last week we featured another new mobile application OTTER. OTTER app helps prevent texting while driving. In this week’s feature article we are going to spotlight another new mobile applicatoin, CarZar.

Location-Based Mobile Application for CarsAccording to, “the CarZar app is the world’s first location-based social automotive app and enables casual fans, car enthusiasts and automotive professionals to share and comment on their favorite vehicles. The CarZar is simple to use: See a cool car, truck or SUV? Take a picture and share it with your social networks to unlock badges, coupons and discounts!”

CarZar was developed by Eric Miltsch and Jared Hamilton and was unveiled to the world on September 30, 2010 at the Paris Motor Show. Here at AutoConverse we are familiar with Eric Miltsch. He was gracious enough to do a foursquare interview with us and even leave a few comments on an article about using foursquare for car dealers. Now he’s taken his understanding of foursquare and used it to create this innovative location-based social application for car enthusiasts.

Chandni Rathod over at wrote a great piece on CarZar. Chandi gives a detailed description on how you can download and use CarZar. “You can download the CarZar app onto your iPhone, snap a vehicle image, and CarZar tags the location, enabling users to share the image and their status, as well as vehicle information and comments, with friends across the social community, while earning points to become the CarZar of their favorite brand or type of vehicle.”

It’s a bit early, but it seems that Eric and Jared have a hit on their hands. There are millions of car fans all over the world. This one application has the power to connect all of them around their common interest; automotive vehicles! That’s pretty powerful stuff, which is why we wanted to share it with you.

Have you used CarZar yet? What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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