Would You Drive A CityCar?

CityCar vehicle of the future gets 200 mpgWould you drive an electric vehicle that delivered 200 mpg fuel efficiency? How about if it cost you just $16,000? And what if you could fold it in half to park it in a more compact parking space? Or drive it sideways to squeeze into tight corners?

Those are all features of the Hiriko, which means “urban car” in Basque. The team that invented the vehicle at MIT call it CityCar.

CityCar is designed for driving in urban environments, which is why its top speed is only about 20 mph – and that could account, in part at least, for the great fuel efficiency rating. A total list of features of this sleek new vehicle that looks like something from beyond The Jetsons include:

  • Seats only two passengers
  • All electric, which means it is pro-environment
  • It folds into a five foot windowed box making parking a whole lot easier
  • No drive train; instead, four electric motors mount on each wheel
  • The wheels connect to each corner of the chassis allowing for side maneuvers and turning in place
  • No side doors; passengers enter from the front of the vehicle
  • Driver controls are flexible enough to swing left and right for passenger accessibility
  • Top speed = 20 mph

If some of these features seem impractical, consider that the vehicle is designed for urban driving, not highway road trips. You will still need your family sedan or SUV for long trips and highway driving, but if you work downtown and don’t want to use your city’s public transportation, the CityCar could be an affordable alternative.