Winterize Your Ride III

Check the Oil

On top of the tires, your engine’s oil is of vital importance. You need to check the oil regularly during any time of the year, but regular checks of your vehicle’s oil levels are of special importance during the winter months. Make sure your levels are topped up and that you are running the right type of oil for the manufacturer’s specifications. As always, when in doubt, seek professional help.

You also need to check on your oil’s viscosity. Make sure that the oil is thin enough to work through the engine parts. With cold weather, oil can thicken up and become almost like a sludge. It is important to ensure that your oil can move through your engine, so check the viscosity of it frequently or have your mechanic give it a look.

Belts and Hoses

It is also important to make sure that all of your vehicle’s belts and hoses are in working condition and that they are connected properly. This can usually be done with the owner’s manual and a look under the hood, although some hoses and belts may need to be reached by a mechanic. As cold temperatures can age and wear belts and hoses faster than normal conditions, this step is especially important.

For more on checking your car over for winter or for any other information on Nissan cars, drop by your local Nissan dealer today.