Waymo and Jaguar Team Up to Create a Futuristic Fleet

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Waymo and Jaguar Land Rover have joined forced to create a truly futuristic fleet of on demand transportation.  The two companies recently signed off on a deal to create 20,000 self-driving SUVs to add to Waymo’s growing fleet.

The all-electric I-Pace SUVs will offer a driverless option for customers willing to pay a premium for the high-end option. The first wave of prototypes are slated to hit the streets in late 2018, with the cars set to become widely available by 2020. Waymo and Jaguar teams will work together to build the fleet instead of building the cars and then having them retrofitted for Waymo’s plans.

Waymo hads led the way when it comes to on demand transportation featuring hybrids and driverless cars.  They currently have 600 Chrysler Pacifica vans in their fleet, some of which are equipped with driverless technology.

Waymo continues to test its driverless options, most notably in Phoenix.  As part of their Early Rider Program, customers can hail a driverless taxi in select areas around the Phoenix area.  Launched in March of 2018, early reactions and results have been positive.

If all works out, both companies have acknowledged this could lead to collaboration on future projects. With a huge customer pool, driverless taxis could quickly become an easy, reliable way for people to get around without having to make small talk or worry about a tip.

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