Tesla Rolls Out Website, Electric Sports Car

Hybrid vehicles have been all the rage for some years now. OK, maybe not “all the rage”. But you can’t argue that there has been a (limited) market for them. A market nonetheless. Here’s the question: Will electric cars surpass the enthusiasm for hybrids?

To be true, that won’t be difficult. Hybrids have not really caught on with the mass market. But Tesla is banking on sports car enthusiasts to get excited about all-electric vehicles. Hence, the new website.

OK, so what’s so exciting about a website? For that matter, what’s so exciting about a sports car?

Good questions. Both of them. The Tesla Roadster looks like a sports car. There’s no doubt about it. And from what I’ve seen of the reviews, it drives like one too. But there’s just one niggling problem. You have to plug it in. That’s what you do with electric cars.

The Tesla website covers in pretty good detail the benefits of electric-powered vehicles, including what you need to keep your Roadster charged.

The Tesla Roadster isn’t the only all-electric vehicle on the market, but it is gaining some momentum from the initial excitement in the marketplace. Now, can the all-electric car movement gain the same momentum and become as mainstream as, say, Ford or Chevy?

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