Teen Driving Academy Sprouts In L.A.

Mercedes-Benz teenage driver training academy in Los AngelesThe makers of Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicles have reasoned that since teenagers are involved in more accidents than adults, then they need more driver training. So, the auto manufacturer has started a driver training academy based in Los Angeles. The school is modeled after a similar Mercedes-Benz driving academy in London.

Trainers claim that Los Angeles is the driving capital of the U.S., which makes it a great place for a driver training academy. Plus, California driver training laws don’t give teenagers enough time behind the wheel.

In fact, they receive 30 hours of classroom training and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training. That’s just not enough.

So Mercedes-Benz decided to start a vehicle driver training academy that offers

The Mercedes curriculum, which received California state approval last week, includes 15 hours of online instruction, 10 hours of classroom study, a three-hour safety workshop, a two-hour distracted driving exercise and 16 hours of coached driving instruction.

That’s stepping it up a bit!

Another thing that sets the Mercedes-Benz driver training academy apart from other driver training programs are the vehicles they’re using for the driver training.

The school uses a mix of Mercedes-Benz C class sedans and larger ML hybrids because “so many kids that get licenses learn in small cars and their first car is an SUV,” Duchene said. “We wanted students to learn on a vehicle similar to what they’ll be driving once they’re out on the road.”

That makes a lot of sense. But this has me wondering: will Mercedes-Benz begin to offer vehicle driver training in other U.S. cities? Will other auto manufacturers hop on board and begin to offer driver training as well? Sounds like a reasonable plan.