Stay Safe in Your Nissan With Better Winter Visibility

Baby, it’s cold outside, and that means hot chocolate by the fireside, the holiday season with friends and family – and some of the deadliest road conditions of the year. Stay safe this winter by preparing your Nissan with these tips on how to make sure your visibility is at its peak, even though the snow is doing its best to obscure the road.

Many people do only a partial job on clearing snow and ice off their car, trusting that they can manage with only partial visibility until the defroster kicks in and does the rest of the work from the inside. While I know you don’t want to be outside any longer than you have to, bearing the cold for just a few minutes can save your life.

Clear your windshield, making sure to chip every bit of ice off. The ice can make visibility problems worse by creating a cold spot that contrasts with the warm air you’re going to have blowing from the heater. That combination will fog up your windows and make it harder to see.

Don’t neglect your other windows! You use those windows far more than you think to get a full vision of the road around you, and in wintertime you need to have absolutely no blind spots. If someone else loses control of their vehicle along your side, you’re going to want to be able to see them coming.

Make sure your rearview mirrors are clean of ice, too. You’ll need them to see what’s happening behind you, and it’s easy to forget about them until you’re already well on your way down the road.

Brush all the snow off the hood, roof, and trunk of your car. Many people only worry about the windows, but the snow on the rest of your car can actually be much more of a hindrance to your visibility than you think.

As your car warms up, snow and ice that had seemed pretty solid will start to slide off your car. For the stuff on your hood, that means it can fly right up against the windshield – and partially melted snow is likely to stick. You could wind up with no visibility just when you least expect it. If you’re doing 80 on the freeway, that’s not going to turn out well.

As for the roof and the trunk – the snow on the roof can slide down to obscure your rear window, but that’s the least of your worries. The snow along the top and back end of your vehicle can fly off and obscure the windshield of the person driving behind you, which can also cause an accident. If they brake suddenly and skid, they’ll sail right into your car.

So take that extra five minutes and make sure you have full visibility in your Nissan before you head out on the road. You’ll be three steps ahead of everyone else on the road – and that means you’ll be getting home safe and sound, instead of getting sideswiped because you couldn’t see.

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