Smartphone Apps to Help You Shop for a New Car

Smartphone Apps to Help You Buy a Car

Buying a new car can be a laborious and expensive process. The folks over at First Aid Wheels in the UK feel your pain and have compiled this infographic to help purchase your future car.

The infographic feature 6 smartphone apps plus some tips on how to get your best deal.

#1 TrueCar (3.5/5 rating)

TrueCar helps car buyers connect with a network of more than 10,000 new car dealers across the U.S. The app provides toolset help consumers know the current market price for brand new cars and trucks.

#2 Edmunds (3.9/5 rating)

This app allows you to research the cars you’re considering. you can also see if dealers in your area have a certain model of the car you desire.

#3 eBay Motors (4/5 rating)

This app lets you filter your vehicles search by year, make, model, or perform a keyword search. One nice feature with this app is that you can snap a photo of a vehicle you see on the street and eBay will search it for you.

#4 Kelley Blue Book (3/5 rating)

The KBB app is designed, ironically, for new car buyers because it contains video reviews of new vehicles and information on incentives. It also lets you shop for vehicles in your area.

#5 Craigslist (4.5/5 rating)

Craigslist is handy for a lot of things including finding used cars. The app is known for having a great interface with a fantastic location-based filtering tool.

#6 Car and Driver Buyer’s Guide (4/5 rating)

The Car and Driver app lets you read reviews of the newest car models as well as specs and pricing information. The publisher also offers up “editor’s choice” vehicles and consumers can use it to research which vehicles have the best fuel economy.

9 Tips to Get the Best Deal

Be sure to download the entire infographic to learn more about these great apps and see the top tips for getting your best deal on your next vehicle purchase.

Thanks you to First Aid Wheels for compiling this information and contributing to this post.



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