Nissan Says Don’t Worry?

With the holidays upon us, it’s nice to have some comfort and some good news. And that’s just what Nissan boss Trevor Mann has given workers in a Sunderland plant. 

After praising workers for their patience and hard work over the past year, Mann told them “See you in the new year.” With many plants facing layoffs and uncertainty in the coming year of 2009, it is great news for the Sunderland workers that Mann said this. It gives comfort and adds security. For many workers at the Sunderland plant, it will be a very merry Christmas indeed.

For many others, however, it will not be as good of a Christmas as possible. There are still many layoffs this holiday season and many workers are facing work stoppages or production cuts. Many workers will not enjoy the holidays and will instead be plagued with uncertainty and concern.

Specifically with the Sunderland plant, there have been horror stories about production cuts and shutdowns, but Mann announced that he would be writing to each employee and ensured that the jobs were safe. With that, he sent the workers on their way to celebrate the holidays with their families.

Perhaps there is no greater gift this holiday season than the assurance that, for those making Nissan cars, a job will still be waiting after the break.