Mid-Size Sedan Drivers Want Technology

Ford Fusion is getting high value auto technology

Ford Fusion is getting high value auto technologyAt one time, high technology vehicle options like rear view camera systems, blind spot information systems, and rain sensing windshield wipers were high dollar options that only luxury vehicle drivers could afford. In other words, you could only get those options as standard features if you were spending top dollar on your auto purchase.

Ford Motor Company is changing that.

According to Ford, mid-size sedan drivers now want high value technology, and it appears that the auto manufacturer is willing to give it to them.

These features are available on the mid-size Ford Fusion, which means that Mercedes and BMW drivers won’t be the only drivers on the road using the best technology on the market.

So here’s an interesting question. If Ford sells a lot of Fusions in the next couple of years, will that open the floodgates of technology to other mid-size sedan drivers? Will Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, and other manufacturers for the middle market follow suit? My bet is that Ford hopes to create another competitive market space where it will have a head start. And I don’t hear any consumers complaining.

Technology has a habit of becoming more affordable with time. Ford is making sure that the best auto technology will be affordable to the average auto consumer. That’s not a bad idea.