Honk Makes Driving More Social

Honk if you’re social.

I can’t think of any activity less social than driving – except maybe sleeping. I mean, you sit behind a wheel and other drivers sit behind their wheels in different cars. You can’t communicate unless you do so by hand signals and blinking lights. Unless you know their cell phone numbers.

And unless you have passengers in the car with you, you’re all alone. So much for being social.

But social media automobile website Honk has figured out a way to make car buying more social. The website recently underwent a maintenance check and enhanced some of its features.

(Source) The site’s new Dashboard now is meant to give potential buyers a central location to manage their entire vehicle-shopping process from discovery to purchase. As users identify their needs and track opinions on their Dashboard, Honk’s recommendation engine can sift through more than 300 vehicles and offer suggestions. These recommendations are based on personal lifestyle, tastes and needs plus reviews from like-minded users.

When you go to buy a car, don’t you ask your friends for recommendations, check auto reviews and test drive a few models to see what you like? That’s what Honk is designed to help you do more efficiently.

If making a decision on what to drive has you torqued and low on tread then maybe it’s time to make the decision-making process more social. Drive by Honk for a peak under the hood. And if you’re like me, you’ll wonder why they call their discussion features “streams” instead of “access lanes.”

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