Buick Reaches a Moment of Truth with a New Generation

The Buick Regal is literally having a Moment of Truth. GM has launched a website for the veteran vehicle with social media components hoping to reach newer younger audiences.

One of the ways in which Buick will attempt to reach younger consumers for the launch of the 2011 Regal  is through the use of social media marketing and staging hip parties in major cities around the U.S. For this campaign, called “Buick’s Moment of Truth,” party goers will be provided with flip cameras to capture the good times and honest reactions to Buick products at these events. All videos will then be posted online.

Some of the features you can find on the MomentOfTruth.com site include:

  • “What The Experts Think” – Facebook and Twitter updates mixed in with YouTube videos and auto review snippets in a scrolling panel format. The interesting thing about this presentation is that Buick doesn’t leave out the negative reviews. They really are discovering a moment of truth.
  • “What Buick Is Saying” and you’ll get a visual presentation of the Buick Regal using Flickr images. A practical use of social media.
  • How does the Regal stack up? Click on it. More reviews from Twitter, Facebook, et. al.
  • “What Everyone Is Saying”: Reviews from everyday people via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

On any page, including the home page, scroll left or right by moving your mouse in that direction. Turn the cube, move the slide show and click on a panel to blow up the reviews, snippets, photos and videos. Nice presentation, Buick!

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