The Best Pickups To Purchase on the Secondhand Market

The Best Pickups To Purchase on the Secondhand Market

The best truck is the one that gets any job done efficiently and comfortably. What makes pickups so beloved by their consumers is their durability, dependability, innovation, and raw power. Many new trucks slated for 2023 and beyond are following the trend of getting better every single year. However, there are plenty of quality, used scoop-me-ups that remain valuable and available. Here are the best pickups to purchase on the secondhand market.

2009 Ford F-250 Super Duty

What can be said about the F-250 that hasn’t been said before? Outside of the legendary F-150, this beast of a pickup is renowned worldwide for being one of the best ever. While any F-250 model is excellent in its own ways, the 2009 Super Duty remains reliable. Full-sized, multiple engine options, including V-8s and a V-10, and diesel models make the 2009 F-250 perfect for any heavy-duty job.

Finding a car that tows 12,500 pounds and hauls over a ton on the secondhand market is a steal, especially considering its longevity. They aren’t the cheapest used cars around, but perfect for those who love power and the blue oval badge.

2014-2016 Ford F-150

Yes, it’s time to praise yet another Ford truck (sorry Ram fans; we’ll get to you.) In the meantime, it’s essential to mention arguably the most popular pickup truck of all time. The 2014-2016 models are excellent used cars, with their highly dependable aluminum frame and unique engine options.

Some models even featured a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6. This truck is a workhorse—but, unfortunately, it isn’t suited for daily driving. However, if you’re in the market for a reliable utility pickup at a low price, mid-2010 F150’s are among the best options.

2017-2018 Dodge Ram 1500

If you’re reading this and are also Rams loyalist, you might be about to scream, “Enough about Ford!” Well, your voice has been heard. RAM has consistently gone toe-to-toe with Ford, and in many instances, it has come out on top. While the early 2010s were unkind to the 1500, 2017-2018 produced one of the most innovative models of all time.

These trucks featured three different engine options, much like the F-250’s, which could tow over 9,000 pounds. What made this model so attractive was the plethora of trim options, including high-quality technology and a comfortable cabin fit for a daily driver.

Many 1500 models sold in North America feature a 3.0-liter EcoDiesel v6 engine that satisfied all the dieselheads out there. (Remember to consider the typical red flags of diesel engine trucks when making your purchase.)

2011, 2014-2017 Toyota Tundra

We need to quickly shout out Toyota pickups, as the Japanese automaker has produced some of the most reliable trucks ever sold. The Toyota Tundra’s of the 2010s mostly did well in sales, ranking excellent in power, safety, and functionality. The Tundra is among the best pickups to purchase on the secondhand market. They’re ideal for a work truck and taking the kids to soccer practice.

Pickup trucks have continually grown and improved as our fascination and admiration of these vehicles have strengthened. For many, trucks help us make a living and drive us to unforgettable memories and experiences. The best part of purchasing a ride like this is that you can find tons of value in used vehicles over the shiny new model.

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